The first steps

  We believe that the combination of proper training, healthy nutrition, and positive energy are the key elements of a successful wellness program. We develop our clients’ individualized training programs around these core values.


Get started today

Take a look inside and make the decision to take better care of yourself so that you can become the best version of you.



Picture yourself with your goals met, and stronger inside and out.


Tap into what motivates you the most and use it as your fuel.


Know the strength of the power inside of you.


Put your thoughts into action – transform your body and light up your life!


We have the program for you

All of our workouts are "out of the box" and you'll never get the same one twice - working outside of your comfort zone is where the change happens and where the goal is met.


See us in action

We are incredibly excited to coach you through each of these steps, and provide you with any support you need throughout your journey. This is your time.


Hear what people are saying

VIBE is a place I enjoy going to each week because I have fun while I’m there and I feel fantastic when I leave. I have never enjoyed working out this much!
— Elizabeth Stone